ePasses - Instructions for Patrons

ePasses - Instructions for Patrons


An ePass is a special file (.pkpass) you can store in a Wallet app on a mobile device. Display them to the attendant to gain access to your facility. 
In this article, we will explain:
  1. How to get your ePasses
  2. Using ePasses with Apple products
  3. Using ePasses for Android users
  4. How to share passes with your household
  5. How to get help

How do I get my ePasses?
Your community will send them to you by email.  Check your Inbox for an email from passes@accessgrantedsystems.com.  If you can’t find it there, check your spam mailbox.
It is critical that you did not misspell your email when submitting an application.  Check the same email address you used to submit an application.

How do I use it?  - Apple (iPhones, iPads)
On your iPhone, open the email and tap on each attachment.  

You will be prompted to add to your Apple Wallet.

When you arrive at your facility, open your Apple Wallet app and show your passes to the attendant.

How do I use it?  - Android 

Step 1

On an Android phone, you have to install a wallet app from the Google Play store.
  1. We recommend PassWallethttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.attidomobile.passwallet
Click on the Install button to add the app to your device.

Step 2
Open your email with your ePasses attached.  Shown is an example in Gmail.  Tap each pass to add it to your wallet.  

When you arrive at your facility, open your wallet app and show your passes to the attendant.
How do I share my passes?
You may want other adult or family members to have their ePasses on their smart phone.  Simply share them the same way you would share other objects on you smart phone, like email.  For example, both mom and dad can have access to the kid's passes. 
1. Click the information icon
2. Click the share icon

How do I request help?  Can I have my ePasses re-sent to me?
Please contact your community's account administrator directly. 
In most cases, Access Granted Systems does not have the authority to re-issue ePasses.