How to create a custom ticket

How to create a custom ticket


This article provides explanation of each marketplace field and its intended use.

  1. Blue information icon: Hover your mouse over the i.  This is an auto-populated information tab.  This text will provide patrons guidance when selecting a product to purchase.  The text can not be changed manually.  To change the text, change the below fields.
  2. Yellow Plus Icon: Click here to add a new product.
  3. Trash Icon: Click here to delete the product.
  4. ID: The product ID number or SKU number.  If you are selling a concession such as a bag of chips, use the barcode number on the bag of chips.  You will scan the bag of chips when a patron makes a purchase.  If you are selling something intangible such as a guest pass, you can create your own number scheme.  We recommend a 4 digit number.
  5. Name: The name of the product.  If you are selling two similar items, be sure to choose descriptive names.
    • Example: 12 oz. Can of Coke & 22 oz. Bottle of Coke.
  6. Category: The category of the product.
    • Example: Guest Pass or Beverage.
  7. Description: The description of the product.
  8. Image: The image of the product.  Upload an image of your product.
  9. Purchasing Enabled: If enabled, the product is available for your patrons to purchase.  If turned off, patrons will not be able to purchase this product.
  10. Cost:  The product’s price before tax and discounts.
  11. Tax:  The tax percentage for this product.  Set this value to calculated the tax the patron will pay when purchasing this product.
  12. Discount: This changes the cost. 
  13. Admittance: If checked, when the product is redeemed, the occupancy counter will increase by one.  This will help the gate attendants keep accurate usage statistics.  If unchecked, the product will not effect the occupancy counter.  Check admittance for products such as guest passes.  Uncheck for products such as concessions.
  14. Redeemable: If checked, the product can be purchased anytime, then used at a later time.  If unchecked, the product is marked as purchased and used immediately.  Check this box if you are selling guest passes that patrons can purchase ahead of time, then use the pass at their convenience.    Uncheck this box if you are allowing patrons to add funds to their tickets.
  15. Requires Membership: If checked, the software will prompt the user for their pool pass membership number.  The transaction will not continue unless a valid membership number is provided.  If unchecked, this prompt in not triggered.  You can also scan a member barcode.
  16. Unlimited Redeem: If checked, the product can be used an unlimited number of times.  If unchecked, the product may only be used once.  Check this box if you are selling a week-long pass where the patron can use the pass any number of times within the week.  Most other times, keep this box unchecked.
  17. Inventory: Click the infinity symbol to set the inventory as unlimited.  Otherwise, set the value to your stock.  For non-tangible items such as guest passes, set the inventory to infinity.  For products such as concessions, you can set and manage your inventory.
  18. Reorder Quantity: Click the infinity symbol to set the inventory as never (turned off).  If enabled, products with an inventory less than the reorder quantity will be highlighted in the products table.  For non-tangible items such as guest passes, set the reorder quantity to never.  For products such as concessions, you can set and manage your inventory.
  19. Max Buy Quantity: Click the infinity symbol to set the max quantity as unlimited.  You can set the max buy quantity to limit the number of products purchased in one transaction.  If requires membership is checked, limiting the max buy quantity will limit the number of products one membership can purchase.
  20. Min Buy Quantity: The default min buy quantity is set to 1 and should remain 1 in most situations.  If you are selling a product such as a 5-punch guest pass where the pass may be used up to five times, change the min buy quantity to five.
    • Example: You wish to collect $20 and allow a patron to bring 5 guests.  Set the cost to $4.00 and min buy quantity to 5.
  21. Valid Redeem Days and Times: Click any to allow patrons to redeem the product any date or time.  Change the date and time to limit when products can be redeemed.
    • Example: You may sell a “July 4th Party Ticket” that can only be used for that specific event.
  22. Days of the Week: Check which days the product can be redeemed.  Check all dates if there are no limits.
    • Example: You may sell a “Weekend Guest Pass” that may only be used on weekends.
  23. Within Time after Purchase: Set any if you do not want the product to expire.  Set a time if you require the product to be used within a given time.
    • Example: If your guest pass expires at the end of the summer, set the time to 180 days.
  24. Within Time after First Redeemed: If your product can be used more than once (unlimited redeem is checked), you can set the product to expire after its first use.
    • Example: You sell a 7-day guest pass.  Set the time to 7 days.

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