How to allow members to Add Funds to a ticket

How to allow members to Add Funds to a ticket

You can create a cash-less system for concessions.  Members put funds on a Ticket and use it to make purchases.  In this article, you will learn how to:
  1. Find the Marketplace Settings
  2. Allow Funds to be deposited on Tickets
  3. See where members can add Funds online
  4. See other helpful articles to use Funds
Find Marketplace Settings 

  1. Click on the MENU
  2. Click Manage MARKETPLACE
  3. Click on the SETTINGS tab

Allow Funds to be Deposited

  1. Ensure three buttons are checked: Patron Purchasing, Deposit Funds, and Enable Tickets
  2. Set your Minimum Deposit for tickets
Where can members add Funds to a ticket? 
When the above settings are applied to your Marketplace, the Add Funds box will appear in your Patron Portal.    

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